Catnip Spray 250ml

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A conditioning spray that combines 11 amino acids, biotin, and multivitamins that helps improve coat texture by making the coat soft and smooth and easy for brushing, and add volume and gloss without leaving oily residues. It helps reduce body odour from bacteria build-up and will keep your cat’s and dog’s coat fresh, healthy, and tangle-free between baths.

The spray contains catnip water with sweet herbaceous aroma to stimulate senses; in cats, the aroma induces calmness and quiet happiness, while, in dogs the aroma helps to reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. Catnip is also a natural conditioner that helps moisturize the hair and improve hair texture leaving it smooth and noticeably soft. It also has anti-inflammatory and natural repellent quality making it perfect to keep bugs away and alleviate irritation from bug stings.

This product contains no soap, DEA, and is paraben and SLS/SLES free.

Safe for animals over 6 weeks old.

Either spray directly on your cat’s/dog’s coat or spray onto hand and run through his/her coat. Continue with a brush to complete the daily grooming ritual.

For cats that do not enjoy baths, use a damp towel to wipe away the dirt on the body. Spray the Catnip Spray onto a clean damp towel and thoroughly go over the body. Let dry.

Can be used many times a day as part of daily grooming ritual and to keep your cat and dog feeling happy, fresh, and relaxed.

This product will not irritate the eyes and is safe if licked. Not intended for oral consumption.

This product can be used by both dogs and cats.