Dog Treat Shrimp Flavour – ICELANDPET

10 days
Price in points: 155000 points
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Fresh fish cuts from filleting factories, mixed with approximatly 10% dried shrimp.
Weight: Each piece is approx. 2-4 gr.

The raw material is brought from fishprocessors in the area close to our factory, the material is transported in closed plastic containers and in closed trucks and enters directly into the processing. At reception the raw material is evaluated and the temperature measured. The material judged to old or otherwise disqualified is sent away.
The raw material is washed and put through metal detectors.
The water is pressed from the raw material and grinded.
The raw material goes through mixer to make it more homogenoues.
The raw material goes into a molding machine which shapes it into its final shape.
Then it enters the drying cabinets and is there for minimum 48 hours at 20 degrees C.
After drying the product is put into clean plastic containers.
The product is packed and the pouches are printed with batch number, packing date, expirency date and then packed into boxes with 10-24 pouches in each. Each buy lunesta online is marked with batch numer and production date.
Regular inspections are made on the raw material, production and the final product.